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New Zealand is an island nation located in the southern region of the Pacific Ocean. The land of Kiwis welcome thousands of permanent residents from all over the world every year. The country has easy policy and rules of immigration that’s why immigration aspirants come here. New Zealand is a multicultural state with a population of around 4.7 million people. Its total area is 268,021 km sq. meter. Through points know why New Zealand is an outstanding country:

» New Zealand has been rated as a most cleaned and beautiful county
» In terms of peace and safety, NZ comes on the 3rd rank
» New Zealand ranks 7th on the human development index in the world
» World class education system for you and your family
» High demand of skilled professional in different occupations
» Affordable expenses on living, food, cloths, traveling etc.
» Life & Work Opportunities in New Zealand

New Zealanders revel in a balanced lifestyle with wonderful career possibilities and plenty of time for leisure sports. Outdoor activities are considerable, along with water sports activities, snow sports, severe sports activities, as well as a number of the loveliest walks inside the global.

New Zealand has a lively arts and lifestyle scene, with plenty of opportunities to soak up musical occasions, theatre, film and comedy. Kiwis enjoy get admission to a number of the world's great meals and wine, and we're well-known for our top old fashioned kiwi hospitality.

In New Zealand you will found many working opportunities no matter you are a skilled worker,finding a job, business or investor. New Zealand has vast industries where there is high demand of workers or skilled workers. If you have a good profile then surely you will get employment easily.

Benefits of New Zealand Immigration (Permanent Residency)
A New Zealand PR Visa privileges you with the following benefits:

» You can live anywhere in New Zealand for indefinite time
» Allows you to work anywhere under any company or employer
» Full right to study in any school or universities with domestic fee (not international fee)
» You can avail subsidized healthcare benefits for you as well as for family
» You can apply for New Zealand citizenship after completing 3 years on PR
» If your child is born in New Zealand, will become NZ citizen automatically
» You may sponsor your family members and other relatives for permanent residency
» Requirements for New Zealand Immigration

To be eligible a candidate is required to meet with the eligibility criteria as below:

» You should be under 55 years of age
» You need to prove your English language proficiency (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL)
» Need to be of good health and character
» Get the minimum score on the point assessment grid
» A job offer is required (if applying for Skilled Migration Category)
» Meets with the visa category requirements
» New Zealand Visa Categories

There many visa categories with different visa types which allows an eligible candidate to get a Permanent Residency status in New Zealand. You can apply for:

» Skilled Migration Category (For Experienced Skilled Worker)
» Silver Fern Visa (Stay up to 9 months in NZ and find a job)
» Entrepreneur Residence (A PR allows you to start or expand your business)
» Investor Category (You can invest and live in New Zealand through this PR)
» Parent Retirement (Have an adult child in home country, sponsor to NZ)
» Partner Migration (Bring your partner/spouse on a PR)
» Parent Migration (Sponsor your parents and unite family)
» Child Migration (Apply for this PR to bring your child in NZ).

New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa

New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa is for skilled workers willing to live and work in the country of kiwis. The Skilled Migration visa is a Resident visa to New Zealand which allows you to stay in the country as a ‘Resident’. After completion of 2 years on a Resident visa, you can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa..

Check out if you are eligible for New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa

To apply for a Permanent Resident Visa
» Candidate must show a clear intention and commitment to live in the country forever
» Candidate must have completed a period of 2 years or more in the country on a Resident Visa

The New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa Qualifies You To:
» Live, work and study anywhere in the country
» Travel to and fro New Zealand anywhere, at any time
» Sponsor your partner, child or any dependable
» Enjoy various social security benefits by New Zealand government
» Receive Health care amenities at a subsidized rate

Why New Zealand?
New Zealand is a rich nation both in terms of economy and ecology. The uncrowded and peaceful region has following pleasantries to offer:

» Safe and secure environment
» World class education
» Naturally beautiful and clean
» Great work-life balance
» Reasonable cost of living

Eligibility/ Requirements for New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa:
Confirm if you are meeting the following criteria, before applying for New Zealand immigration:

» Must not be older than 55 years of age
» Must be having a clear intention and will to live and work in New Zealand
» Must not be having any criminal record; be of morally good character
» Must meet the requirements out lined for Work experience, Education, English Proficiency, etc.
» New Zealand immigration application process:

Step 1: Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
Expression of Interest is your formal declaration for interest to move to New Zealand. You will be eligible to submit an EOI and get accepted in the pool, only if your NZ immigration score is at least 100 points. Selection of EOI will be decided by the authorities as per the current point requirements.

Presently, New Zealand is accepting EOIs with point score of 160.

Step 2: Get selected and receive Invitation To Apply (ITA)
Once in every 2 weeks, New Zealand sends for selection from the EOI pool. High ranking candidates will get a selection in the form of an Invitation To Apply (ITA). The authorities, at this stage, will also confirm if you have claimed the right points.

Points for Skilled Migration are awarded on the basis of:

Candidate’s present age
Candidate’s Work experience
Candidate’s English Proficiency (which is 6.5 bands in each module of IELTS)
Candidate’s level of education
You can claim additional points if are having:
A Job offer letter from a New Zealand employer/firm
Sponsorship from spouse or relative currently living in New Zealand

Step 3: Submit application for residence form
After getting your ITA, You will be called to apply for residence. The immigration Authorities, New Zealand will send you ‘application for residence form’ under the skilled migration category.

After duly filing the form, submit it online.

Step 4: Wait for the final call
Your form will then be assessed by the authorities and final decision will be made on your PR visa status. This can take a time period of up to 6 months.

Skilled Migration Visa Processing time:
New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa takes up to 11-12 months from the filing of application till the grant of visa.

Apply for New Zealand Skilled Migration
New Zealand’s immigration rules and regulations changes from time to time without any prior notice. We advise you to start your process right away.


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