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    Westland Consultants

    Canada, Australia, UK Immigration Advisor

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    Westland Consultants

    Property & Land Development Services

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    Your Reliable Immigration Advisor

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    Immigration Consultancy Service

    Best Immigration Advisor in Lahore


Westland Consultant offering best consultancy in Foreign Immigration, Law & Land Development. Providing solution for your future.
Immigration Consultant for Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK.

Immigration Consultants

Immigration & Naturalization Legal Services. Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK Immigration Advisor & Worldwide Education Services

Land Developers

We also provide all kind of Property and Land Development services.

Law Consultant

We provide professional Legal Consultancy on Personal, Injury, Civil & Criminal Law, Family Law, Estate & Business Planning, Probate & many more


We are also a Non Profit Organization working for public services and human rights


Westland Consultant provides professional services in immigration documents processing, property and land development, Law consultancy. Westland Consultant offering best consultancy in Foreign Immigration, Law & Land Development, providing solution for your future.

We are fighting for your Immigration Status. Citizenship, Family Petition, Deferred Action, Asylum  & Refuge, Adjustment of Status, Provisional Waivers, Deportation & Removal, Green Card & Visa.




Canada Office: 2355 Derry Road, East Missisuaga-ON LSS TVS
                  Tel: (905) 4870222   Email: westland@yahoo.com

Lahore Office: Suit # 1, First Floor, Al Sharik Chamber, 70 Mazang Road, Lahore
                 Tel: (92 42) 36360440   Mobile: 0300-9419655